in today's era...

...majority of our packaging is disposed of, creating more waste than the planet can handle. In this packaging project for the brand Fabrikated, the objective was to not only create a packaging for their limited edition t-shirts, but to explore the possible ways to provide a second or possibly third life for the packaging.

Taking inspiration from gift-wrapping and visual merchandising from retail stores, the final design of the packaging is created providing a second life.

Once the garment is removed from it’s packaging, it is evolved into a folding board. Providing the consumer a neat and tidy tool to neaten the wardrobe, and if necessary, the garment can be carefully stored back into it’s original package. Alternatively, the packaging is graphically created allowing the design to be presented as a poster.

Each graphic printed on the package is created with 4 different concepts. So, when the consumer purchases all 4 garments, the design of the package can be combined together, creating the ultimate graphic poster.

If disposing is necessary, the packaging can be easily disposed of, as the whole design is created using environmentally friendly materials. From cardboard to water-soluble adhesives. Recycling the materials to create a third life in for the paper cycle.