New Zealand...

...has attracted more and more people from around the world, either for a short visit or to live. New Zealand is renowned not only for its beautiful landscapes and its sandy beaches but also for the out door lifestyle. In this project, I wanted to design a product that best captured those New Zealand assets to the international market.Fish and Chips have been part of New Zealand culture for many years and is known as a dish icon of the nation.

Whatever the origin, New Zealanders chomp their way through about seven million servings of chips a week, or about 120,000 tonnes a year. Fish and chips shops are established on every street and have become part of the New Zealand lifestyle. My project Boxbag, is to explore and introduce the tradition of Fish and Chips and inform the consumers the best of New Zealand. The tradition of this dish lies in the process of unraveling the newspaper packaging into a open dish to share between friends and family and eating in an outdoor location.